Evolution of Dust and Gas throughout Cosmic Time
09 Dec - 13 Dec, 2024, Hiroshima, Japan

Scientific Rationale

In recent years, our view of star formation, active galactic nuclei (AGN), the dusty interstellar medium (ISM), and their connection over cosmic time has been revolutionized thanks to technological advances in infrared and submillimeter facilities such as JWST and ALMA. Recent observations now enable direct comparisons of ISM properties from z=0 to the early Universe, from resolved studies to direct observations of dust and gas in different phases. At the same time, simulations have made significant progress in their ability to include the physics of a multi-phase ISM, as well as interstellar dust.  Therefore, it is now timely to bring together observers and theorists  to discuss new insights and findings on linking dust and gas properties of galaxies observed at different scales and cosmic times, as we prepare for the exciting years ahead. The main goals are to discuss the state of our knowledge about:

• Evolution of dust and metals from the local Universe to high redshifts

• Galaxy growth and resolved studies of star formation and AGN

• Interpretations of new observations and constraints for the latest simulations

• Future prospects of infrared astronomy

Invited Speakers

Key Information

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Family-Friendly Services

The conference warmly welcomes caregivers and parents along with their children.  We offer childcare during the conference hours upon request in the registration form when it opens. The conference hall has a soundproof family room from where you can watch and listen to the talks (see also the venue page). 

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